What’s the Magic Word?

The other day I found myself all waded up over who knows what. Sometimes this just happens. I learned a long time ago that it’s not about staying in balance but how quickly one recovers once they’ve lost it.  I decided I would take my camera and go for a drive. Natures’ color this time of the year is just so brilliant and awe inspiring I knew a nice drive with camera in hand would do the trick.  Enjoying the scenery of Camden Hills, the ocean, and the sails I decided to pull over to shoot and as I reached for my camera, I realized I had forgot it at home… “Welcome to my world!” I savored the sights, smells, and sounds of the small quaint village from ground level and then headed for the top of Mt. Battie where all the colors creating a scene from Down East Magazine and Camden Harbor from a bird’s eye view.

Now, an ambitious woman would have hiked, and a tired woman with woes would drive. I drove! I got to the top of the mountain and pondered for a few moments where I wanted to perch my being while breathing in the mountain air as my eyes feasted on the spectacular view.  By the time I had decided, or so I thought,  my hand reached for the seat lever laying me backwards, looking up at the blue sky and simply breathing as my mind roamed to all the thoughts that were creating heavy sighs and laden energy.

Watching the clouds float by, hearing the rustling of the leaves, and the quietness of the mountain I began to feel peace moving in as I connected with “now”.  My breath, deep into my belly was slow and steady and I felt as though I was rooted within the sanctum of mountain energy, a vortex filled with knowledge, healing, love, and calmness for all who enter. With this feeling upon me, I began to search my data bank for a word that I could connect this feeling with, a word that could be my anchor to inner peace, connection to the mountain energy, to self and spirit, bringing in balance and harmony, while allowing the “Blah Blah” chatter in my mind to simply dissolve, melt away like snow on a warm sunny spring day. A word that I could whisper to self and let go of what has already happened and let go of what is yet to come and simply be here now.  And then… there it was, as if this one word was created just for me. I said it, and then I said it again, I could feel the power of this word vibrating through my whole being  and as my eyes closed I sank even deeper and deeper into the seat that held my body . Feeling so light and filled with so much peace, time seemed to just slip away as I drifted further and further, allowing all conscious thoughts to simply go. Then I felt the mountain breeze caressing my face, bringing me back with a new awareness into my body, mind, heart and soul. Taking my time, I slowly opened my eyes realizing I had been sleeping in the comfort of the mountain energy for 45 minutes, so relaxed and so peaceful.

This word is my anchor to all that I seek!

Each night before I fall asleep I whisper my magic word and easily drift off to sleep, sleeping so sound, so peaceful. And… I wake feeling so rejuvenated, creative, and inspired to live a full life.

Last week as 5 Rhythms dance class was nearing the end, I made my way to the floor, feeling so full of aliveness, so present in my body, I whispered my magic word and instantly felt my whole being melt even deeper into the floor. Trusting the universe to hold me, I released every ounce of anything and everything left I held within, it was simply incredible!

Two days ago I visited my well loved and treasured River Cottage, feeling sad to close her up for the season, and thoughts of preparing for the season ahead, I found I was once again looking to far forward. Making my way to the river’s edge, jumping from rock to rock I finally settled on one where I could feel the flowing river around me and the wind on my face. I sat for few moments allowing my conscious mind to have its own way and then I whispered my magic word and what would normally takes 20 minutes  to feel my energy shift, took only moments.

I am amazed by how fast this magic word works on relaxing my mind and then having my body follow. Just writing this reminds me of the saying “Where thoughts go, energy flows”.

Oh, what’s my Magic word, you ask?


I surrender to all circumstances beyond my control. Knowing the only person I can control is me and my own thoughts and actions.

I surrender, knowing the will and power of Spirit is much greater than my own. I simply surrender…

Words are power! When used as healing tools they are Magical!


About Tami Rogers, RMT, CHt.

Tami, both a practitioner and a teacher in the healing arts has studied with many amazing and gifted teachers along the healer’s path and continues her journey to work with many more. Her beliefs are rooted in strength that a life filled with learning is a blessed part for soul growth. Tami is certified as a Master Hypnotherapist; Regressionist, and Gestalt therapist with the Randal Churchill; Hypnotherapy Training Institute in California. She is also certified in Therapeutic Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy with Alliance Training Programs; Paul Aurand, Director of Education for The Michael Newton Institute, and a certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The American Council Hypnotist Examiners, and the National Guild of Hypnotherapist. Tami is certified as a Reiki and Karuna Master Teacher, Crystal Healing therapist, and Reiki Drum Healer with the International Center for Reiki, Sedona, and a certified member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and International Center for Reiki. She is also a practicing Shaman with teachings from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Foundations of Indigenous Spirituality, and many other indigenous teachers. She is a member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies and The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Tami, an avid fisher-woman is a Maine native Registered Master Maine Guide and co-owner of Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Natural Health and Wellness, she has been practicing energy medicine, teaching classes, and leading Wellness Retreats throughout Maine since the late 1990s. Each year, she offers four weekends of Reiki training at Camden Whole Health as well as Retreats and other workshops in various locations. www.tamirogers.com For more information: Tami L. Rogers, RMT, CHt. Camden Whole Health 91 Elm Street Camden, Maine 04843 (207) 290-1496 www.tamirogers.com
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