Crystal Energy

Something really wild happened one day when I returned home from spending a week off the coast of Maine.  I was in the kitchen removing cleansed crystals from the bowl getting ready to add more crystals to be cleansed for an upcoming Advanced Reiki Training class. I opened the cleansing bag and found my newest, very expensive, quartz crystal for the center of my healing grid waiting for me. For moments I held it in my hand admiring its beauty. Just when I thought about setting it down, I was like I was in slow motion as the crystal started to slip between my fingers and it just fell… hitting the tile floor… and as I watched it shattered and break…  I heard another noise in the room – at that same moment in time, John tipped over his glass of wine and dropped his cell phone. Dumb founded he says “What the fuck is going on?”  for me ~  I’m silent… sitting on the floor starring at this beautiful crystal with so many questions flowing through me, yet numb and dumbfounded. I’m not sure what I’m feeling, if anything… maybe – damn that was the fastest way to blow money… when I hear myself saying repeatedly “don’t cry over anything that won’t cry over you…, don’t cry over anything that won’t cry over you…” then my whole body began to vibrate and energy started to flow in vast amounts from my hands and feet, more than I have ever felt in my life – instant heat flowed throughout my whole being… At first it radiated just a few inches from my body, then inches turned into feet and feet in yards – I was flowing and glowing with amazing energy. John, who was witness to all of this just started laughing and just backed up to me… he’d been having sciatica problems and said “Hey, let’s put this energy to good use!” At this point, we both laughed as we stood there in the comforts of our kitchen with this glorious energy swirling, moving, and pulsating around us ~ healing, healing, releasing and let go of all that no longer serves us…

Not having the answers, I sent the QUESTION out to a team of healers. What was this all about? AND…Is it still use-able?  Also, why the instant energy coursing through my whole being?

Here at a few of the answers, which are quite Amazing!

Dearest Tami,
Your students are so lucky to have you for their teacher.  I hope you will always do some teaching now and then because you are a born teacher.
     Wow!   What an experience you and John had.  The first thing that came to mind was that your kundalini exploded wide open.  It was time and you were ready and with it comes the gift of great spiritual power.  I think that all the years of your light work plus I must give credit to my beloved ocean—the week there put you in the right ‘mood’ for it to happen.  I am going to see if Ben, my brother spirit guide, can give us any information.  Will add it to the bottom of this note after I ‘write’ with him.
  So sorry about your lovely crystal.  I think I would still use it, let it know you love it unconditionally even though it is broken.  
     Well, dear friend, I’ll close for now and will add Ben’s message soon as I get it.
                      Hugs and love, Sonya 
Dear Ben,
     Can you give me any insight to what happened with Tami’s energy experience?
     Sonya, so glad to hear from you.  Your friend experienced a huge surge of energy from the highest source.  She is at such a high rate of vibration now that she can expect more of the same.  Tell her not to fear, but to welcome this with open arms and open heart.  She is a major player in spreading light and healing so this was only to help her get her body used to the higher vibrations that are coming to earth people of the light.  The next time it happens please ask her to have the intent to send all that vibrating energy out to the world.  It will increase the light of our planet and help make the very best outcome for this, our time of change.
     Thank you, dear Ben.

Wow, the crystal thing….amazing!  Maybe the crystal needed to break to pass you some energy that was yours to use, but wasn’t going to be available to you in any other way?  I love the image of you and john backed up to each other, laughing while you enjoy the energy flow.  i wonder if you can still use the crystal upright in your healing grid…maybe stand it in a glass bowl of salt?   Erika 

Hi Tami: The crystal was meant to break releasing the strong energy into you. Yes you have a class this Saturday and it is highly probable that there will a person in that class in need of the extra love and healing and will compliment other things they are doing on their path. I do not believe the crystal will have anywhere near the vibration it once had but its job now lies in your hands. As you know our actions have reactions.” onward” The crystals are amazing, the one I got from you during attunement just plain vanished, I was devastated, felt a loss..  It was special to me.  However its loss opened doors in different ways. One more of many stories: I have ceramic bowl to cleanse using spring water and an exact amount of sea salt. I obtained a Nirvana ice quartz and put it in the solution, 24 hrs later the water was very warm almost to the point of too hot!! I took it out noting that the crystal itself was cool and the bowl was cool. No others’ I have do that.  So enjoy the people and their journey bearing in mind the energy is for some one.               Peace and balance, Bill


Interesting…I bet the extra sleep is preparing you to integrate the energy, while you are being downloaded. HAVE FUN with the NEW ENERGY!

I would sit with the crystal and ask for clarity and ask if it is to be used in a grid as it may be just for your personal growth….but you will find out…  I have no doubt. TRUST your own instincts, you have a great gift.

I would just pay attention to all the energy around you… Keep your antenna up and eyes open.

Enjoy! Edna 

Wow, My gut reaction...the energy you were receptive to it and accepted the gift.  Lucky you!  As for whether the crystals are still usable, I don't have any answers for you, except what does your gut say.  Glad John got to share...hope it helped him. June 
 Okay my sweet friend can I say I just finished reading this amazing witness of growth!  I cannot stop resonating in my legs….. it is quite a beautiful gift you two have been given.  YOU are the crystal sweetie!  Yes the tools are here for you yet you resonate…. I cannot stop the shivers from standing on my legs as I type to you.  Love You! Sunshine!!! Melissa 
What a beautiful gift you have been given----the crystal was willing to shatter and bare its core to give to you with love-what a sacrifice. I believe the crystal is working with you on a different dimension and is not meant for the grid right now until you absorb all it has to share with you and for you. The crystal trusts you because it has seen and felt you for years, so instead of using it to heal others-now you are to use it--I will be excited to see what glorious insights you give each other-a beautiful bridge. And you might want to smudge the house to clear it for the new energy. Dottie 

About Tami Rogers, RMT, CHt.

Tami, both a practitioner and a teacher in the healing arts has studied with many amazing and gifted teachers along the healer’s path and continues her journey to work with many more. Her beliefs are rooted in strength that a life filled with learning is a blessed part for soul growth. Tami is certified as a Master Hypnotherapist; Regressionist, and Gestalt therapist with the Randal Churchill; Hypnotherapy Training Institute in California. She is also certified in Therapeutic Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy with Alliance Training Programs; Paul Aurand, Director of Education for The Michael Newton Institute, and a certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The American Council Hypnotist Examiners, and the National Guild of Hypnotherapist. Tami is certified as a Reiki and Karuna Master Teacher, Crystal Healing therapist, and Reiki Drum Healer with the International Center for Reiki, Sedona, and a certified member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and International Center for Reiki. She is also a practicing Shaman with teachings from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Foundations of Indigenous Spirituality, and many other indigenous teachers. She is a member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies and The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Tami, an avid fisher-woman is a Maine native Registered Master Maine Guide and co-owner of Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Natural Health and Wellness, she has been practicing energy medicine, teaching classes, and leading Wellness Retreats throughout Maine since the late 1990s. Each year, she offers four weekends of Reiki training at Camden Whole Health as well as Retreats and other workshops in various locations. For more information: Tami L. Rogers, RMT, CHt. Camden Whole Health 91 Elm Street Camden, Maine 04843 (207) 290-1496
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