Boosting Your Immune System With Reiki



It’s that time of the year and as we enter winter, seasonal ailments such as colds and flus become more common.  In their attempt to fend off the increased presence of bacteria and viruses, our body’s immune systems can quickly become taxed. Help reinforce your body’s natural healing capacity this year with a few techniques for self-help and with several Reiki sessions from a qualified practitioner.

Tami Rogers, RMT, CHt.

Reiki is a non-invasive healing system for:

  • stress reduction
  • relaxation
  • spiritual growth
  • enhancing immune function
  • healing and increasing physical energy
  • and much more

Reiki is also a form of healing that works on four levels: 

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual


For the past few years, there have been a number of talks and concerns surrounding Reiki as a complementary form of medicine.  This can be expected knowing that this approach to treatment is completely different from what mainstream medicine has to offer. But the good news is that there are now a growing number of studies and data that suggest the effectiveness of Reiki as an alternative medical treatment or in conjunction with a treatment already in place. The studies are diverse and the results are numerous. But one thing is happening in all these developments – Reiki is starting to get acceptance as an effective alternative form of treatment.

The Reiki healing system, founded by Dr. Mikao Usui, draws on Divine universal life force energy. This energy is known by various names, Ki, Chi, Prana, etc. and flows through all living things. Reiki is a conduit to channel Ki Energy which circulates throughout the universe and connects us to everything. Our physical body is alive because ‘life force energy’ flows through it. If our life force is weak or blocked, we are more likely to get sick, but if it is high and free flowing, we more able to maintain health and a feeling of well-being.

When a Reiki practitioners connects as the conduit with this inherent Ki healing energy the practitioners enables this to enter a person’s body and go straight to the cause of their illness. The energy aids the body’s innate ability to regulate and restore itself to a state of peace and calmness, while bringing in balance and well-being. When this balance is achieved, overall physical health is improved and healing can occur.

One thing that disrupts and weakens the flow of ‘life force energy’ is stress. STRESS – YIKES… something we all seem to have. Stress comes about when conflicting thoughts and feelings get wedged in the body’s subtle energy system. Stress is also the root of many illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States, digestive disorders, respiratory issues, skin problems, and diabetes. The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75%-95% of all visits to doctors are the results of reaction to stress, an average component of about 80% of minor to major health concerns; pain, illness and disease are caused by stress!  Hormones released during the stress response also interfere with sleep, damage brain areas critical to memory formation, and age our cells.  Continued stress through worry, fear, anger, distrust, etc, are just a few thoughts and feelings that can block the body’s natural ability to repair, restore, regenerate and revive itself into well-being.

Stress and White Blood Cells

“It is our immune system’s “job” to help us avoid infections and disease. The immune system relies on a healthy supply of white blood cells. Stress, as well as lack of exercise and nutrients, can reduce or weaken our white blood cell count. We have choices regarding our level of exercise, and the foods we select, but it is more challenging to manage the stressors in our life. Reiki aids the body in releasing stress and tension by creating deep relaxation and medical studies have shown that Reiki goes beyond simple relaxation. Reiki boosts the strength of white blood cells.” – L.S. Gaia

When done regularly, Reiki serves as a preventative measure by helping maintain the immune system at best possible levels. It does this by stabilizing and, when needed, increasing the bodies white blood cell count. White blood cells are the cells of the immune system that aids the body in defending against germs and infectious diseases such as colds, sore throats, and the dreaded influenza. Whenever a germ or infection enters the body, the WBCs snap to attention and race toward the scene of the crime surrounding and devouring the germs and any last remaining microorganisms will be showered with antibodies. WBCs are always on the look-out for an invasion in the body and when they are low the WBCs have to work beyond abilities, overtime without pay, to protect and serve. Low white blood cells mean a higher risk for germs to settle into the body. However, once stress is removed, an exercise program in place and eating healthy foods that provide the best possible nutrients WBC levels will return to normal and able to shield the body from intruding germs with vigor.

The Science behind the effects of Reiki and the Immune System

Several studies have been done by researchers on the effects that Reiki has on the immune system. The First Reiki study involved 45 healthy people who were divided into 3 groups of 15 in each group.

  • No Treatment Group
  • Reiki Treatment Group
  • Placebo treatment group that was facilitated by a person without any knowledge of Reiki, but simply mimic the style of the Reiki practitioner so that the participants in the group would think they were experiencing a Reiki session.

In order to measure the effects the researchers came up with their own measures that would let them measure the functions of the nervous system. The team recorded and measured the cardiac vagal tone; a physiological index of emotion, arousal, stress, breathing activity and the heart beat. In order to have a point of comparison, the values before and after were recorded and compared. Based on the values recorded, it was found out that the diastolic blood pressure and the heart rate decreased for those people in the group that received the actual Reiki session from an experienced Reiki practitioner. There was a significant quantitative difference in the measurements, compared to the No Treatment and Placebo groups.

Another study done at the Helfgott Research Institute (Hodsdon, W., Mendenhall, E., Green, R., Kates-Chinnoy,S., Wacker, E, & Zwickey, H. “The Effect of Reiki on the Immune System”. Helfgott Research Institute at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, Oregon, USA) proved that the positive effects of Reiki upon the immune system can be scientifically measured. Patients who received Reiki experienced enhanced white and red blood cell counts. Patients who were in control groups experienced very little change.

This study looked at the effects of Reiki on the white cell blood counts of volunteers, who were also placed in 3 groups.

  • Those who received Reiki
  • Those who relaxed
  • Those who neither received Reiki nor relaxed

Blood was drawn before the treatment, immediately after the treatment and four hours later. This study showed that the immune system was enhanced by increasing the number of WBCs for those who received Reiki.

Also, I’d like to add in the study done by medical doctor Otelia Bengssten, M.D., who conducted an experiment with 79 sick patients. These people were diagnosed with a number of diseases and illnesses, illnesses such as multiple endocrine disorders, pancreatitis, emphysema, congestive heart failure, rheumatoid arthritis, and brain tumors. In order to test the effect of Reiki, 46 of the patients underwent Reiki treatment, and the other 33 were used as the control. Those who were treated with Reiki showed significant increase in hemoglobin values. In short, through Reiki session, patients showed signs of recovery.

In the early 1980’s the frequency of trained healer’s hands were measured by Dr. John Zimmerman, (University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver), using a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum

Interference Device) and found the surrounding bio-magnetic field of trained healers hands vibrated at alpha and theta wave ranges compared to the hands of non-healers.

When a healer places their hands on the chakra associated with the thymus gland, the gland becomes activated because it wants to match the bio-magnetic frequency of the healer’s hands, hence stimulating the unproductive chakra and gland to induce healthy frequencies increasing the body’s immune function.

The best part about the science research behind Reiki and in each of the experiments listed here is that healers can produce actual biological improvements in the clients they treat rather than simply create a feeling of well-being.

For the immune system to function well, it requires balance and harmony. Reiki energy acts as a catalyst to boost the immune systems by reducing stress and bringing about peace, calm, and well-being. Reiki can also be used to stimulate the thymus gland by the practitioner focusing on the chakra associated with this gland and springing it into action.

Stimulating the thymus gland (located in the upper chest in an area between the heart and the throat) is important to immune function. The chakra associated with the thymus gland, exists between the heart chakra and the throat chakra and helps to move life force energy through the thymus gland, the brain of the body’s immune system and is responsible for the production of T-Cells that regulate the immune system. Remember it is a system that works together and not just a single entity.

Thymus Gland Functions

Male thymus anatomy

  • Involvement of the flow of lymph throughout the body
  • Monitoring and regulating the energy flow throughout the body
  • Instantaneous corrections to overcome imbalances and harmony of the body energy
  • Serves as a link between mind and body
  • The first organ to be affected by mental attitudes and stress.

“The thymus gland serves as a link between mind and body. It is the first organ to be affected by mental attitudes and stress. Hence activation and stimulation for the thymus is an essential, primary foundation of achieving and maintaining positive health.” Dr. John Diamond; author of “Your Body Doesn’t Lie; How to activate your thymus gland and increase your life energy”.

Boost the Immune System Naturally

Thymus Tapping; Stimulates the thymus gland into action by gently tapping the chest a few inches below the hollow spot in your throat. This will awaken and align the energy associated with this area. Allow this practice to become your daily ritual. You may also increase the tapping when you are around negative vibrating people, or when you yourself begin to think negative thought – TAP.

Quiet your mind through deep breathing into the hara center (2 inches below your belly button) and bring your awareness to the thymus center/high heart chakra.  You may also place one hand on your hara center and the other high on your chest the high heart chakra. By simply focusing on this area you are able to connect the mind, body, heart and soul. Breathe into the hara center and as you exhale imagine the breath of life moving up into the high heart chakra, filling this area with a beautiful color of pink, which brings in peace, compassion, and unconditional love while encouraging healing and growth for this high heart chakra.

Bring the creative use of healing crystals associated with this chakra: Mangano Calcite, Pink sapphire, Pink tourmaline, and Rose quartz. Each offer their own healing properties, but mostly they will align, balance, clear emotional blockages, aid in quieting the mind, bring in peace, and flowing love energy.

To use: Lay down on your back, placing the stone directly on the thymus/high heart center while breathing slow and deep into the Hara center. On the exhale imagine the energy of the stone moving into the thymus gland bringing in all the healing properties of the stone you are using.

Breathe! Breathe properly and deeply. You can’t be upset when you’re breathing slowly, deeply, and quietly.

Drink more pure water! Not just for one or two days, allow drinking lots of water to become a lifetime ritual.

Connect with your belief system or higher power. Connect every day and every night… and all those times in between. Even if you’re simply connecting with a few our natural elements such as the wind, sun, earth, and water.

Quiet your mind. Quiet your mind to release and let go of any and all chaotic thoughts, actions, and stress. Meditation comes in many forms – walking, dancing, singing, sitting still, or chanting.  Give the form at least 20 minutes, as it takes 20 minutes to switch out the flow of energy from chaos to stillness.

Allow. Allow any and all. Simply Allow. Let go of feeling that you have to control the sun, the moon, the season, the tides, your relationships, or your words. If you control ANYTHING, you are out of your center.

If you find you can’t do any of the above – then breathe MORE, drink MORE, connect MORE, and separate yourself from the chaos until you can.

Exercise and sleep: Exercise, a pillar for healthy living, and a great way to reduce stress. Find a regiment that works for you and know that you’re bringing in well-being. Adequate sleep is always helpful in restoring the body into balance while a lack of it compromises our immune system’s ability to fight colds and flu. Getting a good night’s sleep can bolster the immune system and help you maintain well-being.

Food: Also remember the importance of eating good portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains.  A good multi-vitamin/mineral food supplement can help as well. Zinc has been shown to be an important nutrient for healthy immune function. To name a few Zinc Foods: Crimini and Shitake mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, chard, scallops, oysters, lamb, grass fed beef, yogurt, oats, spelt, turkey, Miso, pumpkin/squash/sesame seeds, organic dark chocolate, cashews, pine nuts, toasted wheat germ, and maple syrup.

For Reiki Practitioners

Reiki Grid: Place yourself and others in a Reiki Crystal Grid and allow universal energy to flow 24 hours a day with the intention on boosting your immune system. Use a rose quartz for the center to increase the connection with the high heart chakra and the thymus gland.

Give yourself frequent sessions while focusing on strengthening the flow of energy through the thymus by combining symbols, breath, and the flow of Reiki.

Place your hands in Gassho and create an intention for healing, using positive words of what it is that you’d like, not what it is you’d like to let go of. Use words like “I am” and “I now”.

“I am restoring my immune system to optimum health now.”

Using your favorite symbol visualize it in your thymus/high heart chakra center. Place one hand on your high heart area and the other on your solar plexus. Focus your attention to your thymus gland while repeating your intention.

Imagine, sense or see CKR wrapped in beautiful pink light about an arms’ length in front of thymus/high heart chakra center, and an arms’ length in back of this center. On the inhale, imagine, sense, or see the pink lighted symbol flowing in through the front of the thymus/high heart, straight into the chakra and allow it to pass through to the back of your body until it reaches the CKR in back.

Next, exhale and send the light on the breath from the back of your body to the front…Continue this process for several “cycles” and then breathe normally.

Keeping your hands in place on your body and simply allow the Reiki energy to flow for another 10 minutes.  When completed, place your hands in Gassho and give thanks.

Combining the breath, Reiki symbols, and intention is a very powerful process and it is a good idea to practice this when you will have time to rest afterward and integrate the energetic shifts.

In closing

Receiving Reiki sessions or in treating oneself, our immune system can grow stronger and keep us healthy all year long.


The techniques listed in this article are not intended to replace conventional medical treatment, but to be integrated and enhance the work in progress.

Tami Rogers, RMT, CHt. Camden Whole Health, 91 Elm Street, Camden Maine 04843


About Tami Rogers, RMT, CHt.

Tami, both a practitioner and a teacher in the healing arts has studied with many amazing and gifted teachers along the healer’s path and continues her journey to work with many more. Her beliefs are rooted in strength that a life filled with learning is a blessed part for soul growth. Tami is certified as a Master Hypnotherapist; Regressionist, and Gestalt therapist with the Randal Churchill; Hypnotherapy Training Institute in California. She is also certified in Therapeutic Transpersonal Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy with Alliance Training Programs; Paul Aurand, Director of Education for The Michael Newton Institute, and a certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists, The American Council Hypnotist Examiners, and the National Guild of Hypnotherapist. Tami is certified as a Reiki and Karuna Master Teacher, Crystal Healing therapist, and Reiki Drum Healer with the International Center for Reiki, Sedona, and a certified member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners and International Center for Reiki. She is also a practicing Shaman with teachings from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Foundations of Indigenous Spirituality, and many other indigenous teachers. She is a member of Foundation for Shamanic Studies and The Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Tami, an avid fisher-woman is a Maine native Registered Master Maine Guide and co-owner of Maine’s Outdoor Learning Center. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Science for Natural Health and Wellness, she has been practicing energy medicine, teaching classes, and leading Wellness Retreats throughout Maine since the late 1990s. Each year, she offers four weekends of Reiki training at Camden Whole Health as well as Retreats and other workshops in various locations. For more information: Tami L. Rogers, RMT, CHt. Camden Whole Health 91 Elm Street Camden, Maine 04843 (207) 290-1496
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