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4 Responses to My Site

  1. Gary Baribeau says:

    Love this Tami. Great site and it’s got all the ‘beautiful you’ inside. Great work! So very proud of you.


  2. Susan says:

    Well, my long time friend…I have been through this site and your blog…all of it and I have to say it is all quite amazing! Your pictures, your words are all very beautiful and inspiring and it is quite clear to see what has kept you so busy for this long time throughout the summer! I, as your longest time and bestest friend am so very proud of you! You are an amazing person, so full of love and life! I love you always for another 40 years or more…keep inspiring and showing the world what a wonderful woman, person that you are!

    • Susan, what lovely words! When you speak from your heart, you are speaking my language. Thank you! Thank you for all your support, love, and most of all your enduring friendship. I am so blessed to have you “still” in my life.

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